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Wednesday, June 6


Sorry for the lack of updates but i have been really busy with school and part-time work. As such, some of the items i have are not uploaded as i have yet to take photos and upload them as posts on the blog. Do have some newer toys so feel free to sms and enquire with me. Do provide me with pictures if there is any specific toy that you wish to enquire if i have them. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 5

Friday, September 24

Rilakkuma With Sunglasses

Rilakkuma with Sunglasses
Approx. 30 cm
Cost: $30 Each
Left Rilakkuma model - 1

Sailor Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh with Sailor Outfit
Approx. 40 cm
Cost: $35 Each
* 1 in stock*

Wednesday, August 25

Rilakkuma/Korliakkuma with Robe

Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma with Robe
Approx. 40 cm
Cost: $35 Each / $60 for Set
* 1 set in stock*
*Extra Rilakkuma in stock*

Friday, August 20

Rilakkuma Keychain

Rilakkuma Keychain
Approx. 7 - 8cm
Cost: $10 Each
Rilakkuma Standing - SOLD
Rilakkuma Lying down - SOLD
Chick - 3 in stock

Wednesday, August 18

Tuesday, August 17

Kamonohashikamo (Platypus)

Approx. 13 - 15cm
Cost: $15 Each / $60 for set
1 set available
Extra: Black - 1
Doughnut - 1

Japan Soccer Elmo

Soccer Elmo
Cost: $10 Each
* 1 in stock*

Sparkling Eyes Elmo

Sparkling Eyes Elmo
Cost: $10 Each
* 4 in stock*